RS Tera

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RS Tera

The RS Tera is an ISAF Class | RYA Recognised Junior Class | ISAF Learn to Sail Boat

The new fast, fun and safe single-hander for youngsters. From entry level fun up to international competition the RS Tera makes sailing addictive.
For youngsters, family beach fun, racing and as a junior boat for sailing clubs, schools and holiday company fleets – the RS Tera is the perfect boat for kids. This growing ISAF Class has a training and racing programme up to World Championship level – With an emphasis on having fun while learning and competing at all levels.
The RS Tera comes in two specifications: Sport (Dacron sail for durability) and Pro (battened Mylar sail for more power). There is also a mini-sail with a reduced sail area for smaller sailors and a Race pack for youngsters wishing to compete. All specifications can be fitted to the same hull and spars, meaning a long life of RS Tera sailing from ages 5 to teen. If you are looking for a small boat for sale, the RS Tera is cost effective, durable and a great performer with ISAF Class status and a huge international racing scene.
The RS Tera is packed with features that make it safe and easy to sail. It comes up dry from a capsize, unlike the the Optimist dinghy, giving greater independence and giving parents and instructors peace of mind. The RS Tera is quick and simple to rig, with boom padding to reduce head injuries and is also incredibly light. Children can launch and rig themselves and it can even be car topped for easy transportation.

“The Tera has quickly become the most popular choice with our Cadets.”

Exciting and safe

  • Easy to sail – chined hull form, well mannered in all conditions
  • Fun to sail – responsive in light winds and planes readily in a breeze
  • Modern – great looks and the latest design
  • Safe – high, lightweight, padded boom to prevent head injuries
  • Capsize friendly – self draining cockpit and righted with ease.

More versatile

  • Small enough – for a 30kg youngster
  • Big enough – for sailors up to 70kg
  • Spacious enough – for two small children
  • Optional rowing kit – for windless fun afloat
  • All rounder – stable enough for beginners, performance options for more excitement

Best value

  • RS quality – Comptec PE3 hull and high quality equipment
  • Affordable – exceptional value
  • Add-on options – the same hull can be adapted to grow with your child’s age and ability

More convenient

  • Quick to rig – set up in minutes
  • Light enough – for youngsters to easily launch and recover unaided
  • Transportable – light enough to roof rack and small enough to store easily
  • Strong – maintenance free, durable construction

Lowest maintenance

  • Comptec PE3 construction – state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
  • Toughest outer skin – middle foam layer for stiffness – strong inner skin
  • RS process leads the way & enables additional thickness in high load areas
  • Reduces overall weight for better sailing – every RS offers the best performance and most rewarding handling
  • Maximum use of shape to distribute loads and remove need for bolt on reinforcements
  • Built in buoyancy from thick foam layer
  • Strongest fittings attachment – brass inserts moulded into the hull structure
  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Length: 2.87m (9’5″)
  • Beam: 1.23m (4′)
  • Hull Weight: 39kg (84lbs)


  • Mainsail (Sport Reefing): 3.7m2 (38sqft)
  • Minisail (Optional): 2.7m2 (28sqft)
  • Mast: black anodised aluminium alloy 2-part
  • Boom: black anodised aluminium alloy with Padded head protector

  • Foils – aluminium alloy – low drag section Buoyant
  • Lifting rudder stock + tiller + extension
  • Padded toe strap
  • Capsize righting lines
  • Lifting handles with rubber grip

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