Topaz Argo

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Topaz Argo Sailboat

The Topaz Argo is a outstanding versatile boat!

It is suitable for singlehanded sailing, being raced by two and has capacity for four crew. A spacious, comfortable multi-purpose sit-in sailboat with an assymetric spinnaker rig and optional single trapeze. Ideal for teaching, learning, club racing and recreational fun and family sailing.


The performance, power and responsive handling will impress experienced sailors; the stability and forgivemess will grow the confidence of less experienced sailors; while the load capacity and versatility will attract sailing schools and families.
 The single line mainsail reefing system and roller reefing jib mean that the ARGO can easily be depowered dependent on crew and conditions. A mast head float is fitted as standard.


A high freeboard, deep spacious cockpit and high boom, plus unrivalled stability and a smooth ride mean that the ARGO has a wonderfully reassuring, safe and secure feel.


As soon as you step aboard you will notice how stable the ARGO sailing platform is. The ARGO has a dynamic, yet forgiving ultra-stable hull shape and an easily controllable rig that is ideal for less experienced sailors but also has years of progression built-in.

All-in-all the ARGO is fast and exciting but easily controllable and well mannered sailboat.

The Topaz ARGO versatility makes it a great boat to own

  • Can be sailed singlehanded, double handed racer
  • Capacity of four crew members
  • Stability for teaching
  • Single line mainsail reefing
  • Roller reefing jib
  • Mast head float fitted as standard.Easy to sail – chined hull form, well mannered in all conditions


  • Contoured side deck to provide comfortable seating
  • High freeboard
  • Deep sapcious Cockpit
  • Ultra Stable hull shape
  • Easily controllable rigQuick to rig – set up in minutes
  • High Boom
  • Forgiving


  • Length: .4.4m
  • Beam: 1.85m
  • Hull Weight: 110kgs


  • Mainsail: 8.12m²
  • Jib: 3.30m²
  • Asymmetric Spinnaker: 10.62m²
  • Symmetric Spinnaker (option): 9.66m²


  • Construction Roto moulded TRILAM Metalicene
  • Mainsail: Dacron Radial Cut
  • Trapeze: Optional
  • Crew 1 to 4


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